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We are specialists in B2B marketing

Do you know how to develop a B2B marketing strategy correctly? Are you looking to drive the acquisition of valuable leads for the company? Do you need to implement a B2B digital strategy to adapt your company to the digital marketplace?

The B2B strategy should:

B2B digital marketing represents a challenge where we must execute the perfect strategic move.

We understand that return on investment (ROI) is crucial, but know this: if your company doesn’t have a solid digital marketing strategy, you’re losing customers. In B2B, we often lose sight of the charm, which lies in the details, and sometimes ROI is not enough. At Redictos, we are known for our meticulousness, clearly understanding that even if the strategy is business-oriented, every detail must be carefully considered.

Our services

Have you ever received messages on LinkedIn that pretend to be personal, but are clearly generic? It’s easy for potential customers to identify these mass messages and ignore them completely. Many companies try to use LinkedIn marketing strategies to attract new customers, but fail due to an ineffective outreach strategy. But getting it right is an art and a science, one that we have perfected at Redictos. We don’t use generic messaging or LinkedIn clichés; our team of LinkedIn marketing experts craft a customised, targeted strategy to engage the highest value customers. We know how to use LinkedIn’s features and algorithms to reach the right people with the right words. We help you establish connections with your potential customer base and build mutually beneficial relationships that help grow your business.

Personalised outreach that turns a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. Connect with 100% of your prospect list with consistent, hand-crafted email workflows. Opportunity-focused outreach. Our cold email services go far beyond generic solutions, delivering amazing results. Get regular appointments with qualified leads. Launch outreach campaigns that touch the pain points of your ICPs. Leverage a proven approach that opens up new opportunities. Drive growth through predictable lead acquisition. Technical audit and configuration. Current situation analysis and infrastructure configuration. We study your outreach history, database quality, email templates and follow-up tactics to find areas for improvement. Our technical specialists examine your domain reputation and determine the factors that affected it. They analyse the risks of domain zones and choose another domain if necessary. Finally, we configure DNS, create and prepare inboxes. Development and delivery of customised templates. Our writers take into account your ICP and prospect pain points to create attractive and personalised emails. They prepare sequences consisting of 1 introduction and at least 4 follow-ups. Our SDRs adjust profiles for inboxes and start sending mass emails to targeted leads on your behalf. We track responses, send pre-defined responses and guide prospects through the funnel to connect them with your sales team. Tracking and A/B testing. Performance monitoring of cadences and testing of approaches. When campaigns are live, our delivery team tracks the KPIs for each campaign and reports back to you on results. We also A/B test templates and approaches to find those that deliver the highest open and response rates with the highest conversion to appointments. Our technical experts also stay on top of sequences and quickly eliminate spam issues.